Friday, February 5, 2016


I know what you are thinking right now, what is B.E.A.R.R.?

It stands for:

The B.E.A.R.R. Track Game is a new card game associated with the amazing Teddy Talker Program. This card game is a fun and multisensory approach to help children learn and recognize letter sounds. Using pictures of Teddy, players identify the sounds Teddy is making and its corresponding letter. This game makes phonemic awareness activities more fun and provides another level of difficulty.

The NEWEST product to the Teddy Talker family is the Build and Say B.E.A.R.R. Pack. This add-on is a 40 page booklet/digital download that includes a reproducible picture of Teddy and his articulators, offering a more tactile approach. This introductory kit is a great way to introduce yourself and your clients to Teddy.

Don't forget that these products are just a few in the line of Teddy Talker products. There is a felt board with manipulatives, mouth position cards, multiple lessons for each sound, poems, and even a super cute bear puppet (Baby Bear, Teddy's cousin), which can all be purchased.

I was lucky enough to spend three days during ASHA 2015 with Teddy's creator Linda Siciliano and her husband Ray. Linda is so passionate about Teddy. She spent the entire three days explaining and teaching about Teddy and answering questions. Did you know that not only is Teddy helpful for helping kids with Apraxia and Speech Sound Disorders, he is also helpful for working with children with varying diagnoses. His auditory poems and felt board manipulatives make Teddy the perfect tool for children as young as early intervention and as old as high school.

Check out Creative Speech Products for more information on how to purchase Teddy Products or visit Teddy's Teachers Pay Teachers to buy digital products.