Saturday, May 25, 2013

Appabled Giveaway with iPad accessories

Only one day left to enter this giveaway. The iPad accessories package adds up to around $325. I have a Griffin Survivor case on my iPad currently and I love it. The other items in this packages are just a cool and I would love to own them.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gluten Free Cupcakes

This week I made gluten free lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting and vanilla cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting. I also purchased pastry tips at target to make the cupcakes look pretty, from the standpoint of a non- detail oriented person, the tips and pastry bags were easy to use and got me compliments. Let's start with the lemon cupcakes. This box contains only a bag with the cupcake mix.

Pros: For being a company I had never seen before, the cupcakes were moist and delicious. They had a great lemon taste and were easy to make as full size cupcakes and minis. My co-workers who ate the cupcakes didn't know they were gluten free or dairy free until I said something.
Cons: I had trouble figuring out if the cupcakes were done because they did not get brown on the top, but when a toothpick was inserted, it came out clean. I bought canned Betty Crocker lemon frosting and learned my lesson, it tasted very artificial and had to be fixed. I added lemon zest and extract to the canned frosting to make it more edible.

On the other hand, XO Baking Company is a company I have known about for a few years. I have met the owner a few times at events hosted by the Celiac Disease Foundation. This was my first time baking their product myself. The box comes with a bag of cupcake mix and a bag of frosting mix. I chose not to use the frosting mix because I didn't want vanilla frosting, but i kept the instructions and frosting mix for another time.
Pros: The cupcakes are so light and fluffy and moist that it is like eating a real cupcake. They rise and cook quickly. The cupcakes aren't too sweet so adding a sweet frosting isn't a problem.
Cons: I made these cupcakes as minis and one box of mix made 3 dozen minis and 6 full size cupcakes, that's alot for a box that says it makes 12 full size cipcakes. You need to use a mixer to make these cupcakes. I tried to do it mix it with a fork like I always do, but ended up having to use a mixer to get the lumps out.
All in all, if it came down to it, I would make both of these products again. I happened to find both of these products at Marshalls, but i know that XO Baking Co. can be found at Whole Foods and Sprouts also.

May Blog Link Up!!!!!

Oh, How Pintearesing! Has created a blog link up. Find my answer to the questions below.

Buying: I seem to be buying tons of graduation gifts for my friends and family. It's different to be having high school and Master's graduations in the same month.

Hearting: I am hearting the end of IEP season. I may only be a SLPA but once I write the present level for the IEP I then have to comunicate with my supervisor to get my ideas for goals across. It makes a one step process many more steps.

Sharing: I am sharing many of the speech blogs I follow with my co-workers. I have found some incredible information and activities on these blogs and want to make them known to my fellow speechies, as i'm hoping everyone will do with my new blog.

Making: I am in the process of making tons of new activities and gluten free cupcakes for the end of the school year.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My First Post!!!!!

For my first post I wanted to start off with a bang and introduce a new product. I created a matching game to target formulating questions. There are 44 sets of questions and answers for students to match up. Find this activity, a free version, and others in my TPT store by clicking here.

Stay tuned in a few days for the results of a new brand of lemon mini cupcakes with vanilla frosting.