Friday, July 31, 2015

What's in Your Cart? BTS Linky Party!!!

I can't believe it is already time for back to school! Where did the summer go? I think since starting my new job I have lost track of my sense of time. I am going to miss school vacations, but at least I can go on vacation when I want to now.

I am linking up with Jenna from Speech Room News to share my new products and wish list for this sale. Follow this link to see what other SLP bloggers want you to see and what products they are raving about.

In honor of back to school, TPT is having a big sale on August 3-4, my store and im sure most other stores will be 20% off with an extra 10% provided by TPT (when you shop with the code BTS15). Make sure to take advantage of this AMAZING sale!!

First off, I want to share with you my newest product. I made sure it was done just in time for the sale. This interactive book is the first of many as I am now working with many Early Intervention clients.

 This book contains two different story versions, on that is completed and one that is interactive. Plus there are a set of character sticks, these are pictures that can be attached to popsicle sticks so the story can be acted out. Don't worry which version of the song you have, I made sure I had pages to cover both versions. This product can be found in my store here.

Now for my wish list. In the last few months I have really narrowed down my wish list as my product needs have made a complete 180, but there are always great products around for the little ones.



These are just a few of the products I am hoping to pick up. Do you work with Early Intervention? Please share your favorite products and your purchases for others to see!!!

Don't work to hard!!!


Sunday, July 12, 2015

a SALE and a PARTY!!!

Hey everyone,
I really apologize for being MIA the last few months, but a lot has been going on. Let me fill you in:
- I got fixed up with an amazing guy
- I had a rough end of the school year with my old job and decided it was time I moved on. I recently started working in a private clinic handling mostly Early Intervention cases. I am working part time this summer as I adjust to my new surroundings and clients.

-In a few weeks I will be volunteering at the 2015 Special Olympics. I am very excited to be helping with Healthy Athletes Hearing Screenings. I feel like a grad student!!

-And I got a new car!!

Now for the Sale!!

I am participating in the SLP sizzling summer sale!! Shop my TPT store for 20% off July 13-15. Be sure to leave feedback on all of your tpt products so you can use credits to buy more stuff.

and here's info for the PARTY!!
I am currently hosting a virtual thirty-one party. Thity-one is a company that has a variety of bags, organizing materials, and super cute lunch boxes for kids and adults. Pick the style bag you want and then from a variety of different patterns and colors, even personalize your selection. Click here and order by Tuesday night (7/14/15) for your purchase to count towards my party.


P.S. I finished my first term of grad school with a 3.75 GPA. NSU has been a great experience. Let me know if you have any questions or are looking to apply to grad school!!