Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Dessert!!!

Frozen Yogurt Pie is a super easy no-bake pie that can be made in advance and frozen for as long as necessary. This super easy pie only has 3 components and can be personalized to everyone's favorite flavor.

To make this pie you need:
a pie crust
2 single serve containers of any flavor yogurt
1 container of cool whip (I choose to use lite just to make it less calories)

For the pie crust:
I tend to use a premade purchased pie crust when I can find one. When I don't have one I blend up ginger snap cookies, chocolate cookies, any kind of cookie really and mix it with a little butter so it holds in the pie tin. There is also Kinnikinnick Graham Style crumbs with directions for making a graham cracker crust.
 For the yogurt:
I pick any yogurt that sounds good to me. I don't suggest fruit on the bottom yogurt but it works just the same. This pie was key lime flavor and it was good!!!!
For the cool whip:
I choose to use lite cool whip for less calorie count but i'm sure it would taste similar with regular cool whip.
Now for the instructions:
  • defrost the cool whip and let it get to room temperature
  • make the pie crust of your choice and press it into a pie pan
  • put the cool whip in a bowl and fold in 2 containers of your choice of yogurt
  • place the pie in the freezer and let it set
  • Enjoy your creation!!!!
I hope you like this recipe. Please comment with your crust choice and yogurt flavor to give others ideas.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How Do You Use It? Linky Party

It's that time again!!! I am linking up with Speech Time Fun for the How Do You Use It? Linky Party featuring Clothes Pins this month. Keep reading to find out how I use clothes pins in my speech room and don't forget to check the original blog post to see what other SLP bloggers linked up and how they use clothes pins.

I find clothes pins to be a versatile product and can be used for a variety of different activities.

I don't seem to have pictures of my activities but here is what I do:
I use clothes pins to...
  • Adding prefixes and suffixes onto root words
    • put root words on an index card and clip the premade prefix an suffix clothes pins to the index card
  • Making compound words
  • Word sorts
    • make clothespins with a bunch of different words and have the student affix the appropriate pin to a card with different parts of speech, sounds, or a variety of other activities.
  • Rhyming
    • have students attached clothes pins with rhyming words to the correct word family.  
  • Sequencing
    • have students attached first, next, then, last clothes pins to pictures or chunks of a story to help with sequencing
  • Identifying who, what, when, where, why, and how in a sentence, or identifying parts of speech in a sentence.
  • Categories
    • have students clip words or pictures of items together for each category.
  • Fluency
    • students or the therapist can mark pictures of smooth, stuck, or bumpy speech to help students learn to hear the disfluency and work on reducing or eliminating the behavior.
These are just some of my ideas, I hope you find them helpful.

How do you use clothes pins?

I have a lot of idea for next month!!!