Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Dessert!!!

Frozen Yogurt Pie is a super easy no-bake pie that can be made in advance and frozen for as long as necessary. This super easy pie only has 3 components and can be personalized to everyone's favorite flavor.

To make this pie you need:
a pie crust
2 single serve containers of any flavor yogurt
1 container of cool whip (I choose to use lite just to make it less calories)

For the pie crust:
I tend to use a premade purchased pie crust when I can find one. When I don't have one I blend up ginger snap cookies, chocolate cookies, any kind of cookie really and mix it with a little butter so it holds in the pie tin. There is also Kinnikinnick Graham Style crumbs with directions for making a graham cracker crust.
 For the yogurt:
I pick any yogurt that sounds good to me. I don't suggest fruit on the bottom yogurt but it works just the same. This pie was key lime flavor and it was good!!!!
For the cool whip:
I choose to use lite cool whip for less calorie count but i'm sure it would taste similar with regular cool whip.
Now for the instructions:
  • defrost the cool whip and let it get to room temperature
  • make the pie crust of your choice and press it into a pie pan
  • put the cool whip in a bowl and fold in 2 containers of your choice of yogurt
  • place the pie in the freezer and let it set
  • Enjoy your creation!!!!
I hope you like this recipe. Please comment with your crust choice and yogurt flavor to give others ideas.

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