Sunday, November 24, 2013

November Love it and List it Party

Jenna over at Speech Room News has done it again. This month the Love it and List it Linky is about Articulation Apps. I know based on my current case load, I would be in big trouble if I didn't have these apps.

My absolute favorite artic app is Articulation Station Pro by Little Bee Speech. This app has tons of different words and sentences for each phoneme, although I do wish it had phrases too. The pictures provided are real not cartoon and are more recognizable for students. Student can practice words as flashcards or a matching game, sentences, and stories. There is also a recording feature so students can record and listen to themselves for self evaluation.

For my older students I love I Dare You Articulation  by Eric X. Raj. The student love this app because they love completing the dares and laughing at each other. If I have multiple students in a group and they are not all doing artic, they all love to fight over the iPad and see who can get the best dare. This is the app to use for students who do not want to do speech because they wont realize what they are doing.

Although at the moment I only have the free version of Entire World of R flipbooks, the full app is on my list of apps to buy. I love that the three different flip books can be each be changed or left behind. There are hundreds if not thousands of sentence combinations for this app and each vocalic /r/ combination has its own set of flipbooks.

This app is not necessarily an artic app but it helps with tongue placement. Speech Tutor by Pocket SLP provides videos in profile to show students approximate tongue placement and how the phoneme should sound. I have found this app helpful with some of my older students. They can watch the video and figure out for themselves where their tongue should be with a little help. My younger students like the videos but don't necessarily understand the tongue placement. This app also helps in explaining tongue placement.

Hope this helps. Check out what other SLP's had to say here. And check back next month for another linky party.


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