Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: Canyon Oats Oatmeal

I had an amazing time at the Celiac Disease Foundation Gluten Free Expo in June. This was my first Expo as a blogger! My first product review is Canyon Oats Instant Oatmeal. Canyon Oats uses GF Harvest Oats which are manufactured with only gluten free equipment, so there is absolutely no risk of cross contamination (Other oats can be harvest with the same equipment as non-gf oats therefore causing cross contamination).

Canyon Oats makes instant oats meal in the following flavors (something for everyone's taste): Brown Sugar
Cherry, Cranberry, Walnut
Cinnamon Apple with Stevia and Walnuts
Maple & Almond
Sweet Honey Cinnamon
Honey Crisp Vanilla and Cinnamon Granola

I don't know about anyone else, but I have texture sensitivity to certain foods, oatmeal being one of them. The soft, sticky texture is hard for me to eat, therefore it has been a long time since I have eaten any kind of oatmeal. I LOVE Canyon Oats instant oatmeal because it has chunks of nuts mixed in with the oats, which provide a different texture without changing the taste. I will be eating this brand of oatmeal regularly. Not to mention that it is easy to make at work, to travel with, and only takes 3 minutes in hot water to set up!! 

Don't forget to check the product label if you have any other food allergies. I have found this product at my local sprouts.

Here is a picture of the shelf at my local Sprouts. You can see the instant oats meal in 5 flavors on the third shelf and large bags of oats from Gluten Free Harvest on the bottom shelf. (Canyon Oats is owned, operated, and made by the same family that grows, harvests, and sells GF Harvest Oats)


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