Friday, May 27, 2016

Speech & Language Warm-Ups: A New App

Did you happen to notice Super Duper Inc. released a new app last week?

Do you do any oral motor exercises with your clients?

This app is going to make doing oral motor exercises so much fun and much easier. Since I got my SLPA license, I have been using photo copies of stained, ripped, faded pictures that were cute little rhymes to help kids practice oral motor skills. I was very excited to find out that my picture were trash as i now had them in app form. Why you ask? Well, instead of having to carry around a binder of the different activity sheets, you now have them at the touch of your finger. Also, the app uses the camera in your device to allow the client to watch a demonstration of the exercise and then watch themself complete the exercise.

When you first open the app, this is the screen you are going to see...
-Selecting quick play takes you directly to the first exercise screen.
-Selecting sequences takes you to this screen which allows the therapist to select and sequence the exercises the client is to complete. Sequences can also be saved for later use.

This photo shows the example of the screen during an exercise. The images in the exercise are also animated and move to show the exercise.

The lower left corner is a video of the exercise being completed while the lower right corner is the image of the camera on the device. By selecting the button in the upper right hand corner, the images of the client and either the exercise or the video become full screen.

I am very excited to have this app in my library!

This app is available for purchase in the iTunes store for $3.99.

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