Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July SLP Link Up

First off, I want to thank Laura at All Yall Need for this month's SLP Link Up. You can read my answers below and the answers from other SLPs on her blog.

Just- dealing with health issues I put off during the year and recovering from minor surgery. I feel like everything catches up with me when i'm on vacation.

Using- my computer to create new activities for my TPT store. I am using my down time this summer to create activities I had thought about during the year and never had time to make.

Loving- getting to sleep in and execute new recipes. I feel like during the school year I am up at the same time every day and by the time I come home I still have to get notes finished and submitted online. I don't have time to experiment with recipes and try new things. I have basically mastered Gluten Free baking but am now devoting more time to actual entrees and not dessert.

Yummy- frozen yogurt on the triple digit and humid Los Angeles days. I think the guy who works at my local fro yo place is starting to recognize me when I call to get the daily flavors and when I come in. I also recently found a new Gluten Free Bakery a few miles away and the guy who works behind the counter is really hot but can't take a hint. They make the best gluten free baked goods I have found in a store in the last four years.


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  1. Thanks for linking up! I hope everything health-wise is resolved quickly. Isn't it nice to have time? Hope you continue to enjoy your summer!

    All Y'all Need