Friday, September 20, 2013

The Melting Pot!!!

So... I went to the Melting Pot last week for an old friend's birthday dinner and it happened to be HAPPY HOUR. I've been to the Melting Pot before, but this time I had an even better experience. It seems as though there are some new gluten free policies in place to make our experience that much better.

1) When you order fondue (cheese or chocolate), which comes with bread or dessert items we cannot have, ask your server for an extra bowl and a spoon. I have found with the cheese it is easier to have the people you are with pour cheese over their bread instead of you eating out of a bowl because we can eat the apples, veggies, and chips that come with the fondue. I always bring my own bread and offer to share with everyone else.

For the chocolate, gluten eaters get cheesecake, brownies, graham cracker covered marshmallows and some other things that are not GF friendly. It was easier to scoop the chocolate into the bowl before they started eating and dipping all of my food into the bowl instead of into the fondue pot.

To go with the amazing Banana's Foster and Dark Chocolate Fondue with Chambord I got a gorgeous plate of strawberries, banana's, a vanilla cupcake and chocolate brownie, ALL GLUTEN FREE. The cupcake and brownies are new to their menu and are not listed anywhere. Call and check with the location you plan to attend as this may be location specific.

I loved going to The Melting Pot for dinner before, this was my first happy hour experience and it was actually very reasonably priced. I love that the staff are very knowledgeable about the accommodations that can be made for a gluten free eater. The meal is also an amazing experience for those who have never been, its worth trying once.


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