Sunday, October 27, 2013

October Love it and List it Linky Party

Jenna over at Speech Room News has done another Love it and List it Linky party. The month of October is to share Language apps. Below are a list of my favorite apps to be used for language.

Syntax City by Smarty Ears
     This app helps student work on a variety of different syntax skills such as do-does, irregular past tense, have-has, plurals (regular and irregular), 3rd person singular, he-she, was-were, and is-are in a variety of different fun settings. This app allows student to fill in the blank with two or three choices of answers.

Wh Question Pro by Super Duper Inc.
     I love all of Super Duper's products but this app is awesome. Each student selected to play can work on Who, What, When, Where, and/or Why questions. Based on the level the student needs to work on the app can work on multiple choice (3 answer choices are provided), decode the answer (the student uses their finger to use the decoder to identify the correct answer), matching the question to the answer (a matching fame where the app can be set to show 4 pairs, 9 pairs, 16 pairs, or 25 pairs), and drag 'n match (students match the question on the top line with the answer on the bottom line). These cards are similar if not the same as the physical card decks but easier to handle for those providers who travel, like me.

Action Words by Innovative Mobile Apps
     All of my students love this app. When you open the app there are 4 pictures that depict different actions. I use the app for a variety of targets including describing, teaching actions words, and sentence structure. The app is meant to be used as an identification game (a voice names an action and the student is to touch that action), but I turn off the sound and talk about the pictures.

These are just a few of my favorite language apps. Feel free to check out Speech Room News for other bloggers who have provided their favorite apps. Plan ahead for next months linky party which is about articulation apps. I have some good apps for that one.


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