Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rhyming with Technology

I spent last weekend working really hard to get a new activity done. Rhyming with Technology has 390 rhyming words from 54 word families (6-9 words per family).

Pages 2-7 are blue, purple, green, and grayscale iPhones with blank icons. These iPhones are mats for the rhyming word icons to sit on. There are a maximum of nine rhyming words per word family.

Page 8 contains a chart with all of the word families in the activity. These word endings can be cut out and placed at the top of each iPhone as a reminder or to help organize the icons. 

Pages 9-28 contain icons like the ones below with words and pictures for students at different levels.

There is also a page of blank icons (pg. 29). Students can write their own words and add them to the list. With laminated blank sheets of icons student can write and erase extra word choices.

This activity can be used in many different ways.
- as a matching activity
- as an identification activity
- present a few words and have students provide more words for that word family

Find this activity in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.

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