Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gluten Free Menu at Cheesecake Factory!!

Disclaimer: The menu may have been edited since this post was published.

I recently heard that Cheesecake Factory was re-releasing a fairly large gluten free menu. I was surprised at the multi-page menu that was provided when I asked. I was also surprised how knowledgeable the server was when I asked questions about food preparation protocol. I have learned the hard way in the past that asking how pasta is prepared (checking for use of separate pasta water) can be the difference between sleeping at night and being up sick. I loved my food, see the pictures below, although it was a little dry I would still eat it again. I had a great experience with this specific location, luckily it's near my house, and I would have no problems going back.

This is the menu I got at my location, I cannot guarantee it is the same at all locations. If you get a different menu, please leave a comment and let everyone know what you noticed.

This is the picture on the back of the menu, I forgot to take a picture of my actual cheesecake. It is the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake and it was really good.

This is a picture of my actual food. I had Evelyn's Favorite Pasta.
Hope you enjoy a great meal!

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