Saturday, January 25, 2014

Januray Love It & List It Link up: Social Skills

This month's link up from Jenna at Speech Room News is about your favorite social skills activities. I don't do very much in the line of social skills but below are my top 3 go to products.

1. Superflex A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum created by Michelle Garcia Winner and Stephanie Madrigal. This activity contains a story and activites targeted for elementary age students. The story is great, the students don't even realize they are learning.

2. Sorry for Social Skills-a TPT product I created to target middle school and high school students. This activity is based on the board game Sorry and contains game cards with scenarios on them. The students must answer the question correctly to move their game piece. Find the activity in my TPT store here.

3. Learn to Respond Appropriately by Natural Learning Concepts. These cards have pictures on one side and questions on the other. The goal is to have the students come up with appropriate responses to the scenarios presented in the pictures.

What are your favorite social skills products?


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