Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunny Day Speech and Language Group App Review!!!!

Sunny Day Speech and Language Group is a new app released by Steven Rea. I found this app very interesting because it contains activities in both speech and language. This app has activities for categories, pronouns, time and sequence concepts, spatial concepts, noun/verb agreement, conjunctions, regular and irregular verbs. It also covers articulation practice for /r/, /s/, and /l/ in a question and answer format as opposed to a flashcard format. This app can be played with multiple students and each student is assigned to work on one concept.

This picture shows the menu screen, the first screen seen when the app opens, where you add your students and pick their target for the session. You can add multiple students and have each student work on a different subject.

This picture shows an example of a question in the regular verbs section.

These pictures show questions for the articulation phoneme /l/ with setting to show and hide the answers. The small wrench in the corner allows the settings to be changed easily during play. The flip feature (box at the top) shows just the answer without the question visible.

  • This app covers a variety of topics, less materials for this SLPA to carry between schools
  • The app reads the question/sentence, but does not read the answer choices
  • The question and correct answer are repeated before moving on to the next question
  • The app offers a variety of positive reinforcement phrases
  • The app offers the ability to record the student and play it back
  • The app has a chalkboard feature built in for quick teaching or examples
  • Each student can only work on one concept at a time
  • The student only has one try to answer a question
  • The questions offered in the articulation concepts require a certain level of vocabulary knowledge
  • The app will only read the sentence or question one time, sometime the students need to hear the sentence/question multiple times for understanding
  • This app is meant for children who can read (not non-reader friendly)

You must keep in mind as a consumer this app is in its first version and with plenty of feedback will be developed and expanded over time.

The opinions in this review are mine and only mine. I was provided a copy of this app and no other compensation.

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  1. Brianna, just letting you know some nice enhancements have been made to Sunny Day Speech and Language Group. Update when you get a chance:) Thanks!