Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dynavox Mayer-Johnson App Reviews and Giveaways!!!!

Dynavox Mayer-Johnson has provided me with the opportunity to review Articulation Flip Books and PCS Flash Cards and they have provided me with 2 copies of each app to giveaway to my loyal followers. I was introduced to The Entire World of R by a family friend who recently retired from being an SLP and by my current Supervisor, but carrying around all of the different components is hard for me (I work in 5-6 different schools during the week). Getting the opportunity to review part of this program and have it on my iPad is definitely a plus.

First up lets take a closer look into Articulation Flip Books. This app contains three segment flip books for phonemes: ar, air, ear, er, k and g, m and n, or, p and b, r blends, recurrent r's and ire, rl and prevocalic r, s and z, s/r/l, sh and ch, t and d, th/f/v, and w/h/l.

This is a picture of what the home screen looks like.

When you click on the desired phonemes flipbook, this is what the screen looks like.

Each of the three segments can be changed individually, creating an indefinite number of possibilities. This app is also great because it can target expressive language skills such as sentence formation, syntax, and predictions and receptive language skills such as answering wh- questions and vocabulary development.

  • Targets articulation, receptive, and expressive language
  • Settings allow you to turn the text on the panels on and off and mute the sound
  • The app can be used on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod
  • Each panel is narrated individually (but touching the text) or as a sentence (by touching the blue square in the corner)
  • The text turns blue when being narrated as a sentence so non-readers can follow along.
  • Easy to carry between multiple locations
  • Does not include a flipbook for all phonemes
  • Some panels may contain unknown vocabulary
  • The settings cannot be accessed when in a flipbook

Next lets look at PCS Flash Cards. This app contains flashcard sets to teach or review vocabulary, articulation, language, and rhyming. The information covered can be used to teach students in pre-k through elementary school.

Here are examples of the different homepages for each section.

The vocabulary flashcards include: actions, birds, birthday, body, bugs, Christmas, clothing & accessories, colors & shapes, dessert & snacks, fruit & vegetables, Halloween, hobbies & leisure, holidays, home items, instruments, jobs, lowercase letters, meals, meats & diary, numbers, places, school, signs, sports, sports equipment, states, thanksgiving, tools, toys, uppercase letters, vehicles, water animals, weather & seasons, and zoo animals.

The phonemes covered are: /b, ch, d, f, g, dz, k, l, l blends, m, r blends and more r blends, n, p, r, s, s blends, sh, t, th, v, vocalic r, z/ in all positions of words. 

Here is a sample of a flashcard.

  • This app contains flashcard decks for lots of different materials.
  • The bottom of the screen tells how many pictures are in each deck and what picture number is being viewed.
  • The app is very user friendly.
  • Setting allow the user to turn text labels on and off, touch card to get voice production on and off, turn category selection on and off, and turn the progress indicator on the bottom of the screen on and off.
  • You can select sort on the bottom of the home screen to select what cards to display and to shuffle the order of the cards. The deck can also be reset from this screen.
  • The pictures are animated, not real pictures.
  • Only one flashcard deck can be selected at a time.

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The opinions in this review are mine and only mine. I was provided a copy of this app and no other compensation.


  1. I would love to use this with my special education kids that are also hearing impaired.

  2. I would love to win one of these apps for use in speech therapy sessions with my elementary-aged students. I've used on of the Entire World of R Flipbooks before and really liked it - there was a nice variety of words that were new for the students to practice.

  3. I travel among five schools, so any app makes my life easier and these look like great apps.