Saturday, March 1, 2014

Love it and List it: Fluency

Jenna over at Speech Room News has set up the March Linky Party focusing on Fluency. I personally do not have many students on my caseload who are working on Fluency at the moment, but here are the products I have used in the past and would definitely use again:

1. Snooky Snail Goes to Work Fluency Card Deck- This is a Super Duper fun deck. I love that it has a profession and a necessary material for each profession. This card deck can be used for more than just fluency and has so many different ways to play.

2. The Fan Freebee on my blog is a super cute winter themed visual aid to help students with easy onset speech. To see what it is and get your FREE copy, go to Speechercize and Gluten Free's facebook page.

3. My agency had the speech department trained in the Ryan Fluency Program. Barbara Ryan and her husband Bruce Ryan created a program that has the students practicing reading, monologue, and conversation increasing in length from one word at a time up to 5 minutes. In the few times I have used the program I have found it to be very helpful and the students can progress through the program quickly.

What are your favorite products for fluency?


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