Monday, May 19, 2014

SillySongs App Review!!!

First I will start off with a little bit of background about the app and then I will get in to what I thought about it. Chicken Lips Apps created an app called SillySongs to target phonology and sound awareness. The app can be used with children to improve speech and language needs related to autism, apraxia, and phonological processes, as well as improve early literacy skills. The repetitive phrases played in this app are set to fun melodies and makes repetition easier for younger elementary students.

This is what the menu looks like when you first open the app. At the moment there are only three phonemes available, but I can only hope in the future the app will be expanded.

When you touch a letter a screen similar to this one pops up. The student or therapist must match the shapes to the outline in the drop zone (green circle). That starts a song. At the end of the song this screen pops up again and another shape is matched.

This is an example of a song screen. As the song is sung the words get bigger so students can follow along with it.

This is an example of a bonus game.
This is an example of the flash cards. The words in the songs can be practiced ahead of time.
I would recommend this app for students who are working on these sounds as it is more fun than articulation practice.

  • The artic practice is set to music.
  • You have to find/match the correct shape to unlock the song.
  • There is a bonus game feature students can earn.
  • Flashcards allow for students to practice the target words before singing the song
  • The song plays fully and then repeats with a missing word for the students to fill in.
  • The target word becomes enlarged so students know which word they will have to repeat.  
  • All the songs are to the same tune.
  • Once a shape is matched and the song starts there is no way to pause.

The opinions in this review are mine and only mine. I was provided a copy of this app and no other compensation.

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