Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ways to make Articulation Therpay Fun!!!

Over the last few weeks I have noticed many of my articulation students not wanting to play games on the iPad, so going back to my childhood I started creating and purchasing inexpensive materials to make therapy more fun.

1.) Fishing for Articulation Words

The upper fish is from a package of die cuts I bought at dollar tree which I then laminated for durability and attached zip ties to for fishing. The zip ties were purchased at the 99 cent store. The plastic fishing set which comes with 1 fishing rod and 4 plastic fish (I purchased 2 sets) was from target.

I love this idea because you can use any combination of articulation, language, conversation, pragmatics, basically any card to target any goal your students may have. This is great for working in groups with multiple goals.

2.) Ping Pong/ Carnival Ball Toss

Just like with fishing you can use this game to target basically any goal. I bought the cups and ping pong balls at Dollar Tree. This game was difficult for my students, not sure if it was because of the low to the ground table or small cups but I may need to adjust this game before playing it again.

3.) Basketball

Using the set up from ping pong I put numbers inside each cup and used the ping pong balls and the trashcan in my therapy room. The students enjoyed trying to get the ping pong balls into the trashcan. With each shot they made they had to pick a number and complete the task or tasks under the cup.

These activities would work great with my new Gone Fishin' series of activities in my TeachersPayTeachers Store.

What fun things do you do in your therapy room?


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