Wednesday, April 23, 2014

U.T.F.= Unexpected Therapy Find Link Up: Apps

     I recently discovered a new blog written by Melanie at The Speech Place with a great new bloggy link up for Unexpected Therapy Finds. It takes a creative person to keep the students occupied and willing to participate in speech, making those unexpected finds unique therapy opportunities. I am excited to see how other SLPs and SLPAs use different items in therapy.
     I have tons of therapy apps on my iPad, although I swear it was originally purchased for my personal use. Some of my favorite apps are from companies like Smarty Ears or Super Duper Inc., but not all of the apps are therapy based.

My first app is a reading comprehension app from Abitalk Education System. The series of apps ranges from non-fiction, to fiction, to subject specific and come in grade level sets. I use these apps and the pictures in each story for story retell, sentences, and its intended purpose of reading comprehension. Find a sample of this series here.

I love MyPlayHomeStores. I know there are other similar apps from the same developer. My PlayHome can be used for answering wh- questions, prepositions, vocabulary, discussing appropriate behaviors at different types of venues. I am looking forward to getting other apps from Shimon Young. Find more information about this app here.

New-o-matic is a student newspaper app where articles can be adjusted to a students reading level. I use this app for finding main idea and details, articulation, and story retell. I love giving my students an opportunity to learn about a topic that is interesting to them. Find more information about this app here.

What are your favorite non-therapy specific apps?


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  1. Thank you for joining the linky party! I love the MyPlayHome app as well.