Friday, February 6, 2015

Speech outside!!!

I have been enjoying the 70 and 80 degree weather here in Los Angeles, sorry to everyone in the snow. This beautiful weather gave me an idea for a fun way to get my students out of the speech room and still be able to target their goals.


Have you ever thought about using chalk in your speech room? I went to big lots and bought a small set of chalk for just a few dollars. I also decided to ask my school's principal for permission to use the chalk. Obviously, I got permission and everything magically happened from there.

What can you do with chalk you ask?
I had my students work on following directions (therapist providing directions) and prepositions, but I realized as we were playing outside you could also target a variety of other goals.
  • color recognition
  • letter recognition
  • shapes recognition
  • turn taking
  • describing
  • verbs/ actions
  • expressive and receptive language (having students draw based on directions from another student)
For those who don't have the availability to go outside, this activity could be just as fun in an office with masking tape. Different colors and/or prints can also be used to target a variety of activities. Masking tape also allows for easy clean up, or just leave it for the next session (practice using the same information over multiple sessions).

 I'm sure there are many more activities I haven't though of just yet. Comment below with any other ideas you may have.

These are two of my students having a blast playing outside today.

I am including a few affiliate links below for some different kinds of chalk, just in case ordering online is easier. I wish I had thought of buying chalk with holders, would have made for a cleaner day.

Hope you enjoy

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  1. You are so lucky to be able to take your kids outside! my school prohibits it =(