Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pronoun Heroes App Review

When you first open this app you are greeted by a group of fun looking super heroes ready to get to work. I love the theme of this activity and how even in the opening pronouns are present.

 This is the menu screen. Before you get to this screen you select your student or students and then select an activity for each. Below are examples of each activity.

What are Pronouns?

Where is the Pronoun? 

 Which one is not a Pronoun?
 Pronoun tyes
Find the Picture 
Let's use Pronouns 

  • This app is extremely customizable.
  • Different levels are provided within the same app working from identification, to explanations, to sentence fill ins.
  • Covers personal subjective, personal objective, demonstrative, possessive, and reflexive forms of verbs. 
  • After each session data is shown in the form of graph making it easy to monitor student progress. 
  • The multi-player platform of this game allows multiple students to work on different levels and skills while playing the same app. 
  • The theme of the app limits  the age range. 
  • There is no reinforcement game within the app. 

  • An expressive language section where just images were shown on the screen so student can create their own sentences.
  • A game for reinforcement built into the app. 

Overall, I am very excited to have this app as part of my collection. I cannot wait to see what other apps Smarty Ears has in the pipeline.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this app are solely mine. This app was given to me to review and giveaway. 


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