Sunday, November 30, 2014

Articulation Island Review and Giveaway

Articulation Island by Evan Hanson is a newly released articulation app. This app is different than any other articulation apps I've seen because it is similar to playing a video game. The words are hidden in boxes and Mr. Bear must jump and break open the boxes. Once the box is broken, the word and an image are shown.

  • As a young adult, I love the old school look of the app, although it is a little bit pixelated and distorts some of the images.
  • There are multiple levels of play for each phoneme, each gets progressively harder.
  • Targets can be practiced at the word or phrase level with 3 pre-selected carrier phrases.

  • Only one phoneme in one position can be played at a time
  • Only one player can play at a time. My students tried pass and play and it made the game difficult.
  • Each phoneme only has a few words to practice.
  • For use with older elementary and middle school students, younger students would probably not understand the concept of the game.
  • You must use the data collection in the app or the game does not work.
This game is new and has a lot of potential.

This is the menu when you first open the game.

This picture shows you the different changes that can be made in the settings.

This is what the menu that lets you select your level of play. "P" is for practice and the numbered levels get a little harder.

This picture shows the instructions for how to play and a sample of an easy level. The boxes with faces are word boxes, break the box to release a word.

This picture shows a broken word box with an image. You must use the in-game data tracking or boxes will not break.

Find information about the game here.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this app are solely mine. This app was given to me to review and giveaway.

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