Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's time to SHOP! What's in my cart? Linky Party

I always love to see what others are buying when there is a big IPT sale! I am one of those people who puts items on their wish list and wait until I really need it to spend the money, or I just wait for a sale. I am SOOOOO ready to unload my wish list. Do you know what you are buying?

Here is the link to my TPT store. Stop by and see the new products I will be debuting with a surprise (wink wink) during the sale.

Here are the products I will be buying during the sale:

Interactive Book Attachments Bundle for Popular Children's Picture Books by Speechy Musings
I have been thinking about buying this product for a long time and am finally ready to take the plunge. Just to make my purchase more justified, Speech Musings has identified this product as "Growing Bundle" which means that more books will be added and you get all the updates for FREE.

Click here to see the product.

Speech Rate Carry Over- Pocket Pacing Boards by SLPrunner
I am hoping to find uses for these other than helping students with pacing, but don't want to miss out on getting them while I know I have a use for them.

Click here to see the product.

There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bundle by Speech is Sweet
This bundle contains a bunch of activities for 7 of the Old Lady books with 3 more book companions coming.

Click here to see the product.

Old Lady Craftivity Bundle by Jenn Alcorn of Crazy Speech World
I love doing crafts with my students and this is a fun way to stretch each Old Lady book to multiple sessions.

Click here to see the product.

Items that are also on my radar:
Cariboo Phonology by Kari Radovich of Rock Chalk Speech Talk
Articulation Menus Bundle by Speechy Musings
Itty Bitty Books for Articulation Bundle by Schoolhouse Talk
SLP Progress Monitoring Tool- Bundle by Natalie Snyders, SLP
Fantastic Speech and Language by Speech Therapy with Courtney Gragg
WH Questions with Visual Answers by Speech MaterialGirl
Language Loop: Semantics Set by The Speech Bubble SLP
Context Clues in Color- Level 1 by The Speech Bubble SLP
Make and Take Mini Books: Basic Spatial Words by The Speechstress

What are you going to buy?



  1. I think you'll love the Pocket Pacers! Thanks for the shout-out.

  2. The Itty-Bitty Artic Books are fun! Thanks for the shout-out!

    Abby G
    Schoolhouse Talk