Monday, September 21, 2015


How long has it been since you had a good piece of Tiramisu? Let me rephrase that, Gluten Free Tiramisu!!!

That's right ladies and gentleman. Our favorite Nutritionist Dr. Anne from Schar let me product test some amazing new lady fingers. I decided to follow the recipe on the side of the package with a few modifications. I was so proud of the result!!!

This was the dessert for the first home cooked meal I made my boyfriend. I should not have aimed so high because now he expects such nice desserts. Oooops!

Here is the packaging of the amazing product!! This product is new to the USA line of Schar products.

This was the mascarpone I found in my local market. It was just the right size to make the recipe!!

This was the finished product before going into the fridge to set. The coco powder on top was a little clumpy. The is something I would work on next time I made this desert!

This picture shows the layers of lady fingers and filling. My bottom layer was a little too soggy. It is a fine balance between soaking the ladyfingers for too long and soaking them not enough. I figured out that soaking them until they are soft on the sides works because they will continue to soften as the dessert sets!

Finally, here is the recipe on the side of the package.

The only recipe change I made was my alcohol choice. I chose to use orange liquor as opposed to rum. The mild flavor of orange brought the dessert to another level.

I really hope you enjoy this dessert!! I can't wait to find the ladyfingers and be able to make this dessert again. I have a few more ideas for ways to make my creation my own! Please share your recipe changes for the community!!

Bon Appetit,

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